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Palava Accelerator is an opportunity for entrepreneurs and startups to build and grow in Palava - India's fastest growing city. Palava Accelerator is the platform that provides all the resources required for ventures to succeed at scale.

As cities grow, they magnify opportunities for their citizens. We are looking for startups that re-imagine city life to develop products and tools that can address existing problems and drive toward the city of future.

Why Palava ?

Longer commutes. Higher rents. Fewer opportunities. The problems facing cities are growing worse. Today no single city stands as a model for our urban future. Yet our cities rest on the way potential solutions to big urban challenges fit together. New technologies, led by ubiquitous connectivity, can help cities tackle their biggest challenges.

At Palava Accelerator, we're pursuing a large-scale district that can serve as a living laboratory for urban technology — a testbed for coordinated solutions, a foundation for people to build on, and a vision for other cities to follow.

The Programme

Palava Accelerator programme will assist with company building, mentorship and provide a great opportunity for companies to get plugged into the local eco-system.
  • Founder Speaker Series
  • Workshop Series
  • Fundraising Sessions
  • CTO Roundtable
  • Mentor Meetings
  • Resident Expert Office Hour
  • KPI Review
  • Pitch Practice
  • Open Door to Partners & Staff

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Get Involved

Are you a Mentor, Investor, Entrepreneur, wantrepreneur, Developer, Industrialist or wish to be a part of this upcoming smart city startup ecosystem, Happy to connect!

Areas of Focus


Emerging technologies to improve safety while moving everyone,  not just drivers. New opportunities exist to move the things we depend on every day, such as food and waste or maybe even our homes and offices.

Urban Healthcare

When you reimagine neighbourhood care in the digital age, a new type of whole person care becomes possible. Care that’s accessible, personalized, contextual, affordable and equitable.

Better Governance

Government data sets continue to open up as do private data sets. Mobile and connected devices expand our capacity to collect even more data. We can provide local government the tools that exceed the best experience in the private sector.


Cities consume 75 per cent of the energy produced globally. Virtual power stations, energy efficient heating, cooling systems, and energy storage technologies have huge potential to make our cities more efficient and sustainable.

Smart Homes

Lighting, Temperature, Security alone, is a $40Bn Industry. Palava Accelerator seeks to tap into this area to push the possibilities of smart living.

And much more...

Palava Accelerator seeks to become a center of innovation 3D Technology, Online Marketplaces, Big Data, Property Management, Lease Transactions, Sensors, Drones etc.

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Where is Palava Accelerator based from?

Palava Accelerator is based out Palava City, Kalyan-Shilphata Road, Usarghar Gaon, Thane District, Dombivli.

What types of companies can apply?

While we leave ourselves open to great entrepreneurs with transformative ideas, we have some general guidelines around company focus. Companies are technology companies, or companies with a significant technology component, since those are the companies we can help the most.

Most Palava Accelerator companies will be software or software-related in some way, and may be either B-to-B or B-to-C-focused. Our interests are as diverse as your ideas of transforming city life using modern technology: Internet, Mobile, FinTech, SaaS, E-Commerce, Local, Media, Marketing, Ad Tech, Education, Fashion Tech, Real Estate, Logistics and many more. We consider all the business questions around the product business concept and market size. In the end, we want to know if yours is a great team and the right team for your product and business.

How do I apply? Do I need to submit a business plan?

You can apply through the Apply page. You don’t need to submit a formal business plan, just fill in the fields in the application form.

How does the application process work?

The application process begins online, with an application form where you can tell us about your team, your product, and the market you are in. The questions are geared to understand both the business and the founders. Shortlisted candidates will be invited for interviews that can take place in person or remotely.

How detailed does my idea need to be in the application?

In this initial application process, we ask applicants to describe the market opportunity, the team, the concept that you want to take forward and how you plan to execute it.

Is my age a factor in your selection process?

No, not at all. We care more about your idea and your ability than your age. Most of our applicants are between 18-30, but we believe great ideas happen at every age.

Do I need to be on site to be eligible?

We provide office space and access to extensive resources during the program’s duration. Many of the introductions we make, especially investors, are people in Mumbai. We also want to ensure that teams are dedicated to building their companies full time. It’s our preference that at least one member of the team can participate in person for most of the program. We will consider remote teams that may join us for targeted meetings, but work remotely, on a case by case basis.

Does Palava Accelerator help with introductions to
investors and customers?

We’ve built an extensive network of investors, founders and customers across industries. Our network has knowledge in B2G, B2B and B2C. Throughout the program and after, our goal is to connect you to this network for investments, pilots project, new customers and new hires.

Is there a specific time when the applications are open?

The applications are open all year round. You can apply anytime.

How can I be sure that my idea and business plan are not shared
with anybody else?

One of the things we pride ourselves is our stringent confidentiality policy. Whether you become a part of our program or not, we assure you your idea would be protected.

What offerings/perks does my Startup benefit from during the program?

Here are some of the perks of being in Palava Accelerator.

  • Work space: Companies receive work space in a communal setting, meeting rooms, and WI-FI service. Additionally we’ve carefully handpicked a collaborative community of entrepreneurs eager to share their experiences and knowledge.
  • Mentorship & Business Development Counseling: During your stay at the Accelerator program you will have access to our rich network of advisers and mentors, in India and North America. You will be able to meet them for one-on-one consultations to leverage their experience and vast networks. The Accelerator program’s unique roster of advisers’ spans across a variety of relevant sectors. We will continue to expand the list of advisors in the future. You also get access to the Accelerator program community by participating in speaker series, networking events and panel discussions.
  • Networking Opportunities: As a member of the Accelerator program you will have the opportunity meet frequently with visiting businessmen, government representatives, venture capitalists, experts and international delegates. You will occasionally be encouraged to pitch to these visitors. These opportunities to network will likely result in many fruitful relationships.
  • Promotion Opportunities: The Accelerator program companies will have the opportunity to utilize media relations and marketing. The media relation’s team can help craft media pitches around your milestones and provide media training.
  • Funding: Companies in the accelerator program will be assisted in identifying variety of funding options. Companies will also be advised on preparation for investor pitches
  • Peer to Peer Meeting Sessions: During your stay at the Accelerator program we will be tracking your progress regularly through a regularly scheduled mandatory peer-to-peer mentoring session. These sessions allow us to better assist you to achieve your milestones. Regular check-in meetings provide guidance and advice to companies on virtually all matters of business operation. We will monitor your progress to ensure you are receiving the help you need to achieve your milestones.
  • Access to cloud credits: We have partnered with AWS ($5000), Google ($ 120,000), IBM ($ 120,000) and Microsoft $ 120,000). Startups accelerated at the Palava Accelerator get access to cloud credits and technology review from our partners.
  • Access to Talent: We have tie up with universities, technical institutes across India and help our startups get access to talent. Zone School of Code, an initiative driven by Zone Startups India trains engineers in the most in-demand programming languages, in a fast-tracked model, with modular courses ranging from 40-100 hrs duration. The talent pool that is created is given an opportunity to work with our startups.

I have more questions. What do I do?

Contact us at dhruv@zonestartups.com